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All true yearning implies a risk. It is not possible to grow without taking risks, without venturing. At each stage of our growth we become a little stronger, we trust more in ourselves. Although we seem to grow step by step, each stage of our growth is not determined, in reality, by a step, but Continue reading
The spiritual path is a path that helps us achieve our goals. When we walk the path back to the source it is important to truly understand what is the purpose of our existence?. As human beings we have a purpose, and this purpose is to know our origin, if that understanding comes early in our Continue reading
Perfection and harmony
Depending on your particular religion, morals or civics, you have an externally imposed idea of how perfection should look and if it is not up to that, it means that it is failing. For example, if you use phrases like "That's the way things are", "Things are the way they are", "This should not be Continue reading
Thinking that the mind creates reality, when trying to apply the law of attraction, we remain in the mental sphere, in areas of the "I" consciousness. Believing that everything depends on a super positive approach, feeling good forcefully, assuming that If we do not feel good, it is because we are out of control and Continue reading
How can someone in the midst of his routine activities remember that he is a human, a fragmented individual, who has been given an opportunity for psychic and spiritual integration? As the human being develops from the sensory to the spiritual plane, they learn step by step to see beyond hopes and disappointments, pain and fear, Continue reading
Vivology: The art of living better

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